Elbow to the Nose


Tonight I was playing basketball and I did something awful. After jumping for a rebound (that I didn’t get), my elbow came down square on a teammate’s nose. This was the kind of elbow where my forearm was all lined up so all the momentum went into the blow. I’m pretty sure it’s the hardest I’ve ever hit anybody with an elbow. I didn’t feel any bones, so I thought I had hit his shoulder or something, but nope, landed right on his nose.

He took it like a champ. He slowly laid down and just calmly let out an “ahhh” – with pretty red eyes and some bruises already showing up. I went to the bathroom with him to see the damage, there was a good kink in it and a good size red bump on the side. It looks like he’ll have a real good shiner. He went to the hospital to get it straightened back up.

It was one of those things that was a total accident, but I still feel awful for it happening. I’ve got respect for him, he told me he completely understands it was an accident, and even told me about a time he did the same thing to someone else. Even after all that, I still feel like a jerk. That may be because once, about six years back, I gouged someone in the eye (also playing hoops), which led to him needing to wear glasses for the next three years. I need to get a hold of him and make sure he’s recovered.

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