More Age Means More Hair


I’m 27 years old now. I’m getting longer hairs in neat places. For the past couple years, I’ve noticed my nose hairs growing rampant, which is kind of annoying and kind of fun at the same time.

For the past six months or so, I’ve noticed a couple of eyebrow hairs that turn a golden color. I’m a dark haired guy, so this is strange. I’ve plucked them in the past, but lately I’ve left them just to see what becomes of them. Today I looked in the mirror and it looked as though one eyebrow hair had fallen out and was clinging to the brow, so I went to remove it. When I touched the hair, I discovered that it was not a disconnected hair, but rather the tip of one of the golden colored bristles! This excited me. I stretched the hair out to see how long it had become, and to my surprise, it has grown to a length of about ¾ of an inch. The other golden hair next to it is about the same length, also brown-tipped.

Pretty wild stuff. I don’t have any plans for using the hairs to my advantage as of yet, but it is fun to see the hairy changes that come with age.

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