Dollies + People


DollyWhile at work today, I attempted to give my friend McKay a ride on a dolly (aka hand truck). It seems to me that doing this almost always results in the same two factors.

1. The lifter doesn’t prepare for the weight and limberness of the person because they are used to lifting larger things that, although are heavy, are rigid. People, being mostly water, are much heavier than appliances or furniture (I work at a furniture store.)

2. The liftee doesn’t realize just how much tilt will be involved and will generally react in a knee-jerk-like reaction when their brain tells them they are going to fall.

These two factors usually cause two more things to happen:

1. The liftee reacts to the falling motion by either sitting up (if back is to the dolly) or pushing themselves back (if facing the dolly). Either one of these reactions will push down with great force on the dolly.

2. The lifter will feel the much heavier weight than anticipated, and while re-bracing for the heavier load, gets his with even more weight by the liftee’s reaction to the falling motion.

With these two obligitory effects of not thinking things through, one of the two people almost always gets a little bruise and they both have a good laugh. Today’s case was with McKay facing the dolly, he pushed off, I jerked up on the handle. Apparently he won, because I punched my leg real hard right on a pen that was in my pocket. My hand was sore at first, now my leg is bruised.

I’ve done it many times before and I’m sure I’ll do it again. Just one of those things that I think most people do and never think too much about. I like to analyze small meaningless things like that.

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