Blogging and Drupal


For the past few months, I’ve been keeping up on Darren Rowse’s blog, Anyone who reads Slashdot has probably heard him mentioned a couple times. He makes ridiculous amounts of money from blogging. He has around 20 blogs and updates most of them at least daily. I’ve found it interesting to see just what it takes to make it to that level of blogging, as this is my first venture into the blogging world.

At the moment I’m playing with a few different ideas on how to approach making a little money through blogging myself. I think it would be a reasonable goal to get a few blogs going by the end of the year. I like how Darren has set his up. He has a couple root sites that hold all of his blogs one level deep. That seems to help any new blog get quick credibility.

This site uses Drupal as the content management system. I’m growing to like Drupal quite a bit. I just played around with it a bit tonight, and I think it will work nicely with a multi-blog setup like how Darren has with using WordPress.

I’m not sure how I’ll be at staying motivated, but the rewards if I do it correctly have potential to be great. There are a lot of great affiliate programs out there and I could always use some extra cash. I have no intentions of getting to where Darren is (from his revealed income, so far it appears as though he’s close to making over $300k per year from blogging), but I see it possible to have a side income at least equal to having a minimum wage job.

I probably won’t use BillyStyle as the home of any of these blogs, this site will remain the more personal blog where I don’t use any search engine optimization to gain ranks. I’m playing with Gallery and should have a decent looking photo gallery on here soon as well.

These, of course, are all plans and goals right now. It will take some motivation and consistency to make these ideas come into fruition. Hopefully by year’s end I’ll have at least 2 blogs up and running that I update daily. BillyStyle should also look better by then as well.

Update: I switched the site to WordPress 2.0 in January 2006. Short explanation here.

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