A Glorious Event


The concert was the best I’ve attended in roughly two years. It had been a while since going to a large-venue hard-rocking concert – that was just what I needed. I quickly located myself near the mosh pit roughly 40 feet from the stage. The mosh pit is a great area from which to watch a concert. It’s close, but you can still get fresh air, when all the other people close to you are packed like sardines breathing in the fumes of the back sweat from the person in front of them.

I’m a decent sized guy, about 6’3″ and 190 lbs, so I like to do a little moshing. I got in there and had some fun. This was a good mosh pit, not great, but good. I got a good sweat going and then some nearby girls decided to make the surroundings much more enjoyable to look upon by removing some clothing. This I hadn’t considered happening, and was a total bonus to an already near perfect concert.

About halfway into the show, Nine Inch Nails played Wish, which I’ve realized within the past year is possibly the greatest song of all time for a mosh pit. I was rather excited, and stayed in the pit for the entire song, it was incredible.

During the physical contact in the pit, I took some good shots to the face. The first was an elbow from a shorter robust girl – that got the adrenaline flowing. I took a number of good injury-free hits. Toward the end, my mouth got a pretty good head or elbow or something and I bit into my lip enough to bruise it and tear it open a bit. All in all, a great pit experience.

The performance itself was amazing. Nine Inch Nails has been around long enough to really understand the aspects of a quality show. They had a simple set up on stage that was very intriguing. During about one third of the songs, the stage was draped with a mostly transparent curtain that was used for video projection. Lighting was used behind the curtain to bring the band into sight through the curtain. It was a great visual and audio experience. The great cap to the show was that there was no encore trickery. I don’t mind encores from time to time (Eels do them the best), but I respect a band who feels the need to respect the audience by avoiding the cat-and-mouse game of encores. I highly suggest attending a NIN concert.

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