Ultimate Fighter – Episode 6


I’m a regular viewer of SpikeTV’s Ultimate Fighter, now in its second season. Tonight’s show was the best yet. Jorge, who I picked to win the Welterweight class, finally fought. He fought the loose cannon of the show, Jason. Well, at first he was a loose cannon, since he showed up though, he’s really mellowed out.

Jason impressed me with his honesty before the fight. He admitted he was very nervous, excited, and had no idea how he was going to beat Jorge. The first round belonged to Jorge, but Jason wasn’t backing down. In the next two rounds, Jason did just what he needed to get the advantage. Jorge did all he could, but in the end, Jason put up the better fight. Very impressive.

Jason fights freestyle and has glimpses of last year’s Light Heavyweight champ, Forrest Griffin. Both fighters tonight have tons of heart, and I expect to see both of them in UFC fights when the show is over. Jorge will get surgery on his knee, then he can fight at full strength again.

Great show!

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