New Guy Ritchie Movie


The creator of two quality movies, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch has made another film titled Revolver. I first saw Ritchie’s work when I rented Snatch a few years back. I remember watching it all by myself initially and I couldn’t wait to tell people I knew about the movie. Great cinematography, music, wit, and acting. Shortly after that, I rented Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and enjoyed it – not at the same level, but I found it entertaining.

So I don’t know much of what Revolver is about, but it looks to have potential. Jason Statham will once again star in the movie. I like his look in this one, very grizzled.

The trailer can be seen here:
Revolver trailer

It hits theaters tomorrow, Sept 22, 2005. Living in St. George, Utah means that I’m pretty sure I won’t have the chance to see the movie unless I drive to Vegas. Movies with any sense of style generally skip the theaters here. I had to wait to see I Heart Huckabees on DVD, and I think it may be the same with this movie.

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