Ah, Wakeboarding at Dusk


This is my first wakeboarding post on here. I am obsessed with wakeboarding. Over the past two summers, I have had a hard time getting on schedule with people who have boats. 2003 was the last great year I had of riding.

Anyway, tonight we had an activity with the youth of my ward in church up at the lake. We loaded my friend Danny’s 210 Air Nautique with around a dozen people and rode for a couple hours until it was too dark to see. I took two quick runs to show how it is done (none of the kids had even tried wakeboarding before). It felt good to get back on the water. The last time I rode was around 5 weeks ago and I tweaked my knee a bit. I tried a crow mobe tonight and didn’t come too close, kinda hurt the knee, but I think it did no more damage, which is a great sign.

So there you have it, the first of many wakeboard related posts on

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