Hyperextended Big Toe


Kyle Boller\r\nSo in tonight’s Sunday night NFL game, Baltimore’s quarterback Kyle Boller just got a hyperextended big toe. Now, most people would say “Eh, that’s nothing,” but I know different.

Back in 2001, I hyperextended my right big toe while wakeboarding. The joint at the base of the toe moved up and down freely with a range of what seemed like a full inch. Over the next 2 weeks, that thing was super tender and swollen to its full capacity – you know, when your toes look like vienna sausages. Man, if I put any pressure on it, the toe would move up again and writhe with pain. I couldn’t even use the foot while driving, it was pretty bad.

So, if Mr. Boller’s toe is anything like that, I expect him out for a month or so. It will be interesting to see how sever it is. Oh, and the picture is one I found while searching Google for Boller, you may see that I like good random images if you follow this site at all.

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