A Great Time in Sports


Wow. I just watched one of the greatest tennis matches I’ve ever seen. Andre Agassi vs. James Blake at the US Open. 5 sets, ending in a tiebreaker. Blake, the huge underdog from New York and Andre Agassi in his 20th US Open. Those two battled it out for a long time. It was a very clean match, most points being won instead of lost. I was pulling for Agassi, but hope that Blake will use his success in this tournament to give him the confidence to become a tennis great. He’s an aggresive player who is very fun to watch. Great heart. (Agassi won by the way)

On a sidenote, USA did a great job of covering the match. There was talk of switching over to CBS due to contractual agreements, yet not only did they play the whole match on USA, they showed the last half hour or so sans-commercial…and didn’t even brag about it; good stuff!

Also in the great world of sports, the NFL season kicks off tomorrow night. I’m so excited! This offseason seemed to go by quickly with the great NBA season and so many fun golf tournaments to watch. Oakland vs. New England tomorrow. New England has a 7½ point spread. It could be a really good game. Oakland has the league’s 2 biggest mouths in Warren Sapp and Randy Moss, while New England has the most roster changes that they’ve had in the past few years. As a devout Buffalo Bills fan, I’m routing for the Raiders.

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