Can’t Smell Anything


I’ve had this cold for about 10 days now. It’s been a bit of a doozy. It started off quite mellow, but has intensified with age. Usually with my colds, the first couple of days are pretty bad, then they really mellow off after that.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because for the past 5 days or so, I haven’t had my sense of smell intact. While I imagine life would be a drab place with no smell, losing that sensation for a week or so has proven to be kind of handy, although I know I could be taking fuller advantage of my new power.

lossofsmellSome of the benefits of having no sense of smell is that I can try just about any food and be pleased. This is the biggest one I haven’t taken full advantage of yet. I suppose I could put horseradish on my waffles this morning for breakfast, and have no real problem with it. It’s a shame I haven’t been invited to any dinners by terrible chefs lately. I did have some food off the grill that I assume was very good. One of the items was grilled beets. I’ve never tried them before, and I still kind of feel like I haven’t yet tried them. The texture was fine, just like a more firm grilled potato chunk.

See, when I eat now, I mostly pay attention to textures. I had some desserts, and enjoyed them because of the cake/creamy like textures. Now, another cool thing about this is that I’m learning how my taste buds work. We all know that smell is a big part of tasting food, but man, I didn’t realize just how much before now. When I eat sweet things, I can feel the sweetness on my tongue. It just happens along the sides, in the rear two thirds of my tongue. No sweetness in the front or middle.

Sweet is the strongest taste feeling I get. I can just barely pick up anything salty. I haven’t really pinpointed where I can feel that on my tongue. I do feel some bitterness right at the back of the tongue, but it’s also not as strong as the sweetness.

So anyway, I thought I’d share my fun on here. My main concern while this lasts, is that my house doesn’t smell like something died inside. I also have been showering myself, and brushing my teeth a little more carefully, as I can’t taste bad breath, or smell if I need to put on a bit more deodorant.

Oh, last thing, that picture is one I found after I searched for images of “loss of smell.”

My Job


My job is neat. This week I taught a Swiss friend his first flip on a wakeboard. Just tonight I discussed good music with a Russian dude I just met a couple days ago, and have been watching him improve on a wakeboard. Good times, good times.

April Fool’s Birthday


About a month ago, I quietly changed my birth date on Facebook to April 1. Now that it’s March 31, I’ve gotten at least ten birthday wishes so far. I kind of feel bad because a lot of them are from foreigners, and I wasn’t sure if they knew about April Fool’s Day. But my Swiss friend Sascha said he knew about it.

Anyway, if you made it here through Facebook, the secret is out! Last year on my real birthday, I hid the date so as to avoid all the well wishing emails and such. I even like to be a hermit online.

Give that there image a click if you want to see a list of pranks online for this year. In the past, some of the best I’ve seen are Slashdot’s flooding of pony related updates, ThinkGeek’s ridiculous products like wireless power adapters, and YouTube’s Rick Rolling of every link from their home page.



GrossRecently I happened to find myself at a website for a new Gold’s Gym game for the Wii. I instantly cringed at this image. That splash around her can only be intended to be sweat, right? I mean she’s fake working out, and when you really work out you sweat, so it must be. So if I get this game, my entire living room will be soaking wet, it will smell worse than a gym in New Jersey, and I’ll be so dehydrated that I’ll have to be driven to the emergency room? So nasty. Thanks Gold’s.

Middle-of-post-update: Hahaha, I just watched the video on that site. There is an awesome awkward mustache man dancing with a bunch of younger pony tailed workout girls about three quarters of the way through the video. Wonderful!

I might as well talk about my feelings toward video games requiring any physical effort more than movements of less than an inch by a few fingers.

No thanks.

I’ll admit it’s a genius marketing move. So many non-geeks and baby boomers now own video game consoles that it’s ridiculous. But for me, I have a bowling alley up the street, I own a tennis racket (racquet? nah, this is America!), I have basketball shoes, I can go to a real gym if I so choose, and I enjoy a sweat-free smell to my living room. Now if I want to run around killing zombies and what not, I’ll use one of my various video game consoles. And even if I do want to pretend to do something I already do outside, I’d rather just watch the little dude on TV do whatever it is I tell him to do with my thumbs and fingers.

Week of Worlds at The Wakeboard Camp


The WWA World Championships are this week in Orlando. That means that this is a crazy week at work. Crazy awesome though.

So just today, I coached in the morning. I had one of three boats. I had a family of a father and two sons. They all improved and started to figure out proper jumping position, so that was cool. Also riding on the lake was Ben Greenwood and his crew of riders competing in the tournament. Kurt Robertson and his buddies were out there as well getting tuned up for the competition.

Here is a list of moves I witnessed today, just when I was nearby. Pete Rose (Marcos Torres and Ben Greenwood), 720s (Bob Sichel and Ben Greenwood), backside 540 (Paulie Koch), and many other great moves. There’s even a 13 year old girl doing switch 540s, both heelside and toeside. Yeah.

If you don’t know what any of this means, come to Florida and I’ll teach ya! Life is pretty good here. I even got to ride and did me a roast beef tantrum. Woo!

Just Buy a New One


Nothing says “I don’t know anything about personal cleanliness or managing my money” more than a soap dispenser that squirts watery soap mess all over your hands, wrists, and counter top when you stand at the sink of somebody’s bathroom, only wishing to practice good hygiene.

My philosophy is that it’s worth the money to just buy a new one. This goes with many things like such as (see what I did there?) most toiletries (bar soap, toothpaste, etc.), car tires (learned that one the hard way), and um, well right now I’m running short, feel free to help out in the comments.

Back to hand soap.

Seriously, it’s so much harder to get the hands clean with watered-down hand soap. You have to pump a lot more times, you are guaranteed to make a mess all over the counter, and you leave without really feeling like you have clean hands. All for what? Maybe saving a quarter per year? Maybe a dollar if you go crazy with it? Hand soap is crazy cheap, just buy a new one.

false unitSo, me being who I am, I searched the old INTERNETS for some pictures or something on this phenomenon. Apparently, you could kill somebody by adding tap water to your hand soap. Yep, it’s murder. See, tap water in soap can be a nice place for pseudomona bacteria to grow, which is the subject of this lovely picture. Psuedomona means false unit, which is totally awesome. It can lead to some sort of nasty bacterial infection, which could possibly lead to problems bad enough to kill people who already suffer from serious health problems like diabetes. Here’s the nitty gritty.

If you have a hard time believing that, take a glass of tap water and let it sit for a week then take a drink. You wouldn’t want to do that right? Yeah, not so good. So if you add tap water to your soap to save a penny or two at hygiene’s expense, you’re actually throwing hygiene right out the window and just smearing bacteria all over your hands. Nice work frugal idiot.

Just go to your local dollar store and get a new supply that will last you many months anyway (since you add water to soap, I assume you don’t respect hand-washing and probably skip that whole scene after just taking a leak, you dirty bugger).

And finally, I just played a game online against somebody named Gerd Hums.

End of line.



The title has nothing to do with this post, it was just the first word that came into my brain when the cursor was blinking in the Title field.

Opening Thoughts

Just a bit ago when I went to write this post, I found that all of my sites were down, hosted by the same company. I checked their own site and it was also down. Everything was back up a couple of minutes later, but I managed to do some calculations during that time. They guarantee 99.9% up time, which gives them a little under 9 hours per year of down time. That’s a bit shy of an hour per month, which they have gone nowhere near. So well done BlueHost, well done. I still like you.


Life is good, as it has been ever since I moved to Florida. Here are some fun things that happened this week. I landed a tantrum to blind with an indy grab for the first time. That’s a fun one. I have ridden with plenty of good friends this week, and during one set I tried a double flip for the first time ever. That scared the snot out of me, which was really fun. Here’s the video: (It’s poor quality, but here is the link to the high quality version.)

Then today, I went riding with my friends Ben Greenwood and Trevor Hansen. After that, we came home and Trevor took a look at the video above there.

Trevor is, to date, the only person to land the move I tried, a double back roll, on a normal wake, as in not using a double up. (I’ll put the video below) He gave me a thumbs up and proceeded to coach me and break down the video to help encourage me to try it again and land the thing. That was pretty awesome in itself! I just tried the move on a whim, and now I feel motivated to land a double invert on a wakeboard. I mean come on, I have been coached by the only person in the world who has done it wake to wake. That’s awesome.

Here’s the aforementioned video:

Sorry, the video can’t be embedded on here. That’s something about online videos that bugs me, not allowing people to put them on their site, but whatever, that’s for another time. Check it out on Trevor’s blog here: Trevor’s Double Back Roll.

Nice huh? Yeah, he’s good. So is Ben. He landed a lot of different 720s today and a couple 900s.


I get thoughts from time to time of what to blog about. I usually forget those by the time I sit back down at this desk. I’m okay with that, but perhaps I should try to work on fixing my retention method. So all I really have right now is this link for you:

Go Away: Hilarious email conversations between a talented graphic artist and people who have crossed him. The top post is a great place to start reading.